How to add resume to linkedin

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In short, a resume is your business card, according to which the employer meets you in absentia. Sometimes an illiterate presentation of their skills can be a reason for failure even to an experienced and qualified specialist. Therefore, it is important to remember the four principles on which a successfulresume sample is based upon employment: Brevity. Remember that your resume should fit on a single A4 page. Therefore, learn to express informationabout yourself thesis, focusing on the most important thing. Do not retell your autobiography. Stay on the key points of education, work experience andspecial skills. And do not try to cheat, reducing the font size and reducing the distance between lines. Information must be readable. Therefore, do not reduce the font size to less than 12 pt. Concreteness The names of educational institutions, as well as organizations in which you have worked, should be specified specifically (and not just a university, factory, office, and so on). Also note the time frame. It is advisable to specify the date. Credibility Specify only true information about yourself. Do not ascribe to yourself any non-existent regalia and skills.

Do not indicate the knowledge of a foreign language, if in fact you have learned only a dozen words. The same goes for PC knowledge and other specific issues. A lie will be revealed either at the interview orin the first weeks of work. If you are applying to a recruitment agency, you will be exposed even earlier, because the employees carefully check the accuracy of the resume. Selectivity. Specify in the resume only information that directly relates to the position for which you are applying. If you, for example, plan to work as an accountant, keep silent about the fact that you have completed the courses of hairdressers. Do not overwrite theinformation that resume examples contain for applying for a job. The sample is just a hint. Seven daily habits of happy people Smooth armpits without shaving: ways to remove hair using ordinary products 25 children of childless men: an extraordinary reunion Technical points

The ideal resume samplefor a job should be perfect in all respects. It is important to take care of registration, because carelessly drafted document can scare a potential employer. Here are some technical points you should pay attention to: Most HR managers agree that it’s not advisable to write the word “Resume” in the head of the page. And so it is clear what the document is. In addition, you are spending an invaluable line in which you can enter essential information about yourself. Although, if the summary is short, it is permissible to indicate the type of the document, thereby making it visually larger. In a text editor, select the font Times New Roman. It is optimal for visual perception. The text color is only black. This solution allows the reader to concentrate on the content of the document, without being distracted by the details. The only detail of a resume that has the right to be in color is a photo.

The main text should bewritten in size 12-14, depending on how much information you are going to put on the page. FULL NAME. It is desirable to select a font larger by 2 pins. The names of the sub-items in bold or underlined. All fields except the left must be equal to 2 cm. The latter is 1 cm. These are standard parameters forbusiness documents. In addition, all other papers of your personal business (if you are accepted for work) will be drawn up in this way. One and a half line spacing is optimal for reading. But if your resume sample will contain a lot of information when applying for a job, then a single interval is acceptable. Do not write information in solid text. Divide it into semantic paragraphs (preferably empty line between them). Also acceptable is the design in the form of a table. Do not use decorative frames and drawings. A resume is primarily a business document.