How to make resume

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The accompanying note is what the employer sees in the first place when receiving a resume in electronic form. From the seconds spent reading the text of the applicant, the further favor of the employer depends. Here you should focus on the details in a free form, unlike the concise and official style of the resume. You can specify the motivation, leave comments regarding the “white spots” in the attached file. It is important to win over the employer, expressing admiration for the company’s activities, using emotions. A cover letter should be compiled without fail, giving it no less attention and time than a resume. The template found on the Internet is not the best option, because from their content the employer must understand what personal interest the applicant pursues and what is motivated, what experience he has, special skills and abilities.

A few tips for writing a cover letter that will make a positive impression: Do not turn the note into an autobiography and use the words “I”, “my”, “me” unnecessarily. The company still does not know anything about the candidate for the position and has no interest, so the story of his own life should not be told. A pleading tone will make it clear that the applicant is characterless, weak and unprofessional. You should not start the text: “I apologize for turning “allow me to turn You can write: “I ask you to consider my candidacy for your vacancy Best of all: “you need an economist with work experience, and this is a great opportunity for me to apply my five years of experience and achieve financial success for the company The cover letter must convince the personnel department to invite its author to the interview, the main purpose of drawing up such a text is to “sell” and advertise a specialist. Therefore, you should not use template words: initiative, efficiency, resistance to stress and so on. Important individuality and brevity.

For example, if the vacancy specifies a requirement for the ability to analyze data, you can write: “analytical skills”; the best option: “five years of experience in compiling analytical accounts of receivables and payables”. Text size should not exceed half A4 page. If you get more, you need to re-read several times and remove the excess (what is less important). It should indicate the specific position for which the applicant is applying, because the recipient can be filled up with a huge number of the same letters from people who wish to respond to other vacancies. A brief text about the education received, specialization, experience is enough for the recipient to understand that it is worth looking into the resume and find out more detailed information. Since most often the applicant sends the questionnaire to several companies, it is necessary to pay attention if the names of companies, names and positions of recipients are not confused in the letters.

No self-respecting company representative will be happy to receive a note from an inattentive and disrespectful candidate. You do not need to require feedback from the addressee, you should take the initiative and call the organization yourself in a few days, and indicate in the text with a presentation of the purpose of the call in the following wording: to get answers to previously raised questions.” At the end of the letter it is necessary to indicate the full name or the name and surname (depending on the desired position), contact details for which the addressee can contact the candidate. Do not immediately rejoice and send a letter when the text is compiled. It is necessary to read it several times, slowly and carefully, correcting all errors and typos usually with such a check is at least two.