What is a resume

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Many companies trust the selection of candidates to personnel (recruiting) agencies. This is due to several important reasons (despite the costs). Firstly, recruitment agency managers are a very interested party, as a well-chosen candidate is not only short-term earnings, of receiving applications from the company in the future. Secondly, for most companies it is cheaper to order an employee search than to tackle important personnel issues through their personnel officer, who, as a rule, does not have the experience and capabilities of a recruitment agency. It can be noted that the prejudice of some of the applicantsagainst recruitment agencies is, above all, a lack of personal positive experience in looking for work.

Go to the interviewwith the prepared summary. If you have somewhat embellished the actual state of affairs do not worry, the likelihood that an interview with you will be conducted by a person who can “calculate” exactly what you care about is negligible. But do not underestimate the “enemy” the status of the “employer” itself, makes it “smarter”, at least in their own eyes. The truthfulness of your answers is easily checked during the interview, not to mention that the employer can directly contact your previous management; you can believe in the word, but arrange a practical test.

Consider the interview, as negotiations on cooperation. What exactly is the need of the employer is exactly what you need to know. Success depends on what you can offer, and how much the proposal fits the needs. Try to turn the conversation into the mainstream discussion of future partnerships. Present the case in such a way that it is you who is candidate No. 1 for the position. After all, you are a fully mature and mature personality. Encourage your decision making. If you can unobtrusively translate the interview into an equal conversation, the conditions you are offered may well be better than expected.

5. The first impression still affects the subsequent attitude. You have to look good and decent, but without claims for any exclusivity, dressed. It speaks of your willingness to take corporate style. At the meeting, come a few minutes before the appointed date. Do not be late! In the event of circumstances that prevent a timely meeting be sure to call and try to postpone the meeting. The decisive opinion about you will be compiled during the first 5-7 minutes of the interview. Up to half of the refusals in employment are not related to the candidate’s professional experience, but only to his behavior and personal qualities.